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Make a commitment to yourself to get healthy and stay healthy! Live in Motion specializes in overhauling lifestyles through an overall wellness concept that leads to an exciting and healthy new way of living.

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Nutrition Counseling

Live in Motion Nutrition Counseling is provided as a sole service or is included in the Fitness and Lifestyle Programs.

I provide comprehensive Nutrition Counseling that promotes the regulating of various systems in the body to promote optimal health and well-being.

My Nutrition programs are customized based on goals ranging from fat loss to muscle gain to athletic performance. I pride myself in providing professional and easy to follow nutrition plans.

Nutritional Cooking Services

I believe in using Nutritional Cooking as part of a healthy lifestyle to promote weight loss/control, energy levels, proper digestion and optimal health.

Nutritional Cooking is an important skill to learn whether your goal is to burn fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply to be healthy and fit.

I offer a wide variety of Nutritional Cooking services to teach you how to prepare delicious, nutrient dense foods.

Our in person lessons will take place in our home in Costa Rica, we can also provide online virtual cooking classes!

  • Private or Family Cooking Lessons in Your Home
  • Group Parties with many cooking themes to choose from
  • Group Cooking Lessons

Nutritional Label Reading

Navigating grocery and nutrition stores for healthy products can be a daunting task for those seeking a holistic lifestyle. Many products are marketed as healthy and have labels designed to fool consumers into believing they are beneficial. Government regulations on food labels are designed to benefit businesses, not consumers. Live in Motion offers you the support to help navigate labels! This will boost your knowledge and give you the tools necessary to pick the best products for you and your family.

Supplement Sales

I distribute many top of the line nutritional products to assist those on the quest to get healthy and fit. I have chosen unique products that help make it easy to consume healthy, nutrient dense foods. I do not distribute trendy multi-level marketing products that contain unhealthy chemicals and additives.

I also distribute medical grade supplements and choose only brands that meet the highest standards of the supplement industry.

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