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Make a commitment to yourself to get healthy and stay healthy! Live in Motion specializes in overhauling lifestyles through an overall wellness concept that leads to an exciting and healthy new way of living.

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Personal Training

As a registered, certified and insured Personal Trainer, I take pride in the success of my clients. My Personal Training Programs, known as Fitness and Lifestyle Programs are designed to provide results while allowing flexibility in the product that is used.

  • Private Boot Camp
  • Private Yoga
  • Private Nutritional Cooking
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Lifestyle Counseling

Women In Midlife Habit Based Weight Loss

After 20 years of working with women who have struggled with weight loss, midsection weight gain, inflammation, self-confidence, and accountability I have put together an innovative program that will help them navigate through the confusion, and misleading information out their about their bodies. Begin with habits that are easy to break and move towards creating new ones while breaking the hardest ones through mindset changes and balance.

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