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Back To Basics Series!


Back to Basics Series

Hi Everyone, How are you all doing during these unsettling times?

I thought that we would make the next couple of posts all about getting back to the “basics” of healthy living. Get everyone back on page one (those who have gotten a little lost along the way).

As with anything, we need to build a foundation of knowledge and habits.
Much of what we do centers around helping clients change their overall lifestyle from “unhealthy” to “healthy.” One of the first steps is to create some very basic lifestyle changes.
Think for a minute about the constant barrage of unhealthy factors we encounter everyday – pollution, poor drinking water, stressful work and commuting environments, pesticides, chemicals in soap, shampoo, make-up and toothpaste, junk food, a constant flow of negative media coverage and radiation from electronic gadgets.

Why not do something good for yourself? Try making one or two BASIC lifestyle changes until they become a habit. Then add one or two more. Over the course of a year, think about the positive effects that these changes can have on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Here are some suggested changes……

1. Buy a water filtration unit
2. Improve sleep patterns by going to bed and waking at the same time every day
3. Take 10 minutes each evening for deep breathing
4. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning to alkalinize your bloodstream
5. Cut your alcohol intake by 50%
6. Add Celtic salt to your meals to increase trace minerals
7. Cut out late night carbohydrates
8. Use coconut oil for high heat cooking
9. Increase fiber
10 Use a greens drink
11.Challenge yourself to learn more about nutrition and the body
12. Try yoga
13. Do a full body detox
14. Stay away from negative media before bed (The news!)
15. Commit yourself to a fitness program

After all, most people have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making basic lifestyle changes.
Contact me if you need help in creating a healthier lifestyle. My career choice is to “Overhaul your unhealthy lifestyle”

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