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COVID-19 BOOTCAMP Monthly Special

Hello All,

If COVID19 restrictions continue after June 29th and we are still unable to meet at my studio to train together classes will continue online and for those of you wishing to continue with the online training.

There will be a month to month membership fee:

  • This eliminates keeping track of sessions and figuring out multiple packages of sessions each season.
  • Some other bonus’s include; 24 hour access to the online classes and there will be no worry for “make up sessions”.
  • COVID-19 monthly fee will be a reduced rate of $85.00/mo. This includes 2 live classes weekly on Monday and Thursday at 7:00pm plus repeated access to the posted classes.

For the current members:

  • Some of you will finish your sessions before June 29th. Your new monthly fee will kick in at $85.00/billed monthly. If you finish in the middle somewhere then your bill will be adjusted accordingly to make up for the used sessions.

COVID-19 June Special $85.00

New members please inquire through the contact us section of the website.


Your Truly:

Lisa Balsdon

(905) 706-7862
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