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Wednesday Night Boot Camp

Wednesday Night Boot Camp

 Currently this program is running until June 12th, 2019! With a RENEWAL start up date of Wednesday June 19th, 2019

Level: Beginner to Advanced – Small group training of 4-6 clients at any given time!

In this program options for low to high impact exercises are given to meet the various fitness levels.

The boot camp classes focus on all different types of training and activities. I incorporate weight training exercises and various styles of cardio programing. Each class is never the same!

In my classes we incorporate different pieces of equipment as well as using your own body! You will be challenged in different ways and styles. You will have the opportunity to use equipment such as cable machines, TRX, Lebert bars, dumbbells, med balls, Bosu balls, bands, stability balls, boxing gear, ropes, barbells, Lebert body system, gliders and steps.

We work together to strengthen the whole body, including the CORE!

RENEWAL Start up date: Wednesday June 19th – August 28th, 2019               

 Time: 7:00-8:00pm

Class pass options:

10 classes to choose from

8 class pass – $136.00 plus HST

6 class pass – $102.00 plus HST

Class passes allow for the ability to miss a couple of classes

Note: Some classes maybe outside in the summer, but most are run indoors with air conditioning!

Note: If you wish to participate in Monday and Wednesday classes you will have to purchase a pass from the Monday and the Wednesday pass options.


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